IBA Cumshewa Inlet north to Sheldens Bay
Queen Charlotte City, British Columbia
Site Summary
BC144 Latitude
53.068° N
131.687° W
0 m
305.89 km²
tidal rivers/estuaries, mud or sand flats (saline), inlets/coastal features (marine)
Land Use:
Potential or ongoing Threats:
Harvesting, Oil slicks, Recreation/tourism
IBA Criteria: Globally Significant: Congregatory Species, Continentally Significant: Congregatory Species, Nationally Significant: Threatened Species, Congregatory Species, Waterfowl Concentrations
Conservation status:
Restricted access for IBA coordinators
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Site Description
A site summary has not yet been written for this site.

IBA Criteria
SpeciesT | A | I Links Date Season Number G C N
Marbled Murrelet 1947 - 1990 SU 147 - 700
White-winged Scoter 1985 FA 10,000
Note: species shown in bold indicate that the maximum number exceeds at least one of the IBA thresholds (sub-regional, regional or global). The site may still not qualify for that level of IBA if the maximum number reflects an exceptional or historical occurrence.

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