IBA Louis Island and Associated Reefs
Jackhead, Manitoba
Site Summary
MB086 Latitude
51.778° N
97.206° W
217 m
13.01 km²
freshwater lake, inlets/coastal features (freshwater)
Land Use:
Not Utilized (Natural Area)
Potential or ongoing Threats:
IBA Criteria: Globally Significant: Congregatory Species
Conservation status:
Restricted access for IBA coordinators
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Site Description
Louis Island is located approximately 11 km south and 5 km east of Jackhead Harbour in the northern basin of Lake Winnipeg. Louis Island is southwest of Tamarack Island and north of Moose and Little Moose Islands. This site includes Louis Island, Main Reef Island and several small neighbouring islands. The habitats of these islands are unrecorded, but are assumed to be as noted here.
This Important Bird Area contains notable numbers of nesting Common Terns. In 1990, 670 Common Tern nests were found on the Louis Island Reefs. Another 20 nests were found in 1986 on an island north of Louis Island.

Three other waterbird species also nest at the Louis Island Reefs. In 1990, there were 220 pairs of Double-crested Cormorants and 71 Herring Gull pairs nesting on the islands. Ring-billed Gulls also nest on these islands with 698 adults noted in 2012.

IBA Criteria
SpeciesT | A | I Links Date Season Number G C N
Note: species shown in bold indicate that the maximum number exceeds at least one of the IBA thresholds (sub-regional, regional or global). The site may still not qualify for that level of IBA if the maximum number reflects an exceptional or historical occurrence.
Conservation Issues
It is unknown whether there are any conservation issues associated with this site although like other Lake Winnipeg IBAs, the impacts of Lake Winnipeg Regulation may influence the amount of nesting habitat available to gulls and terns.

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